Why Touch is your baby's first ally!

It is through the sense of touch that we first discover the world that surrounds us and it’s often referred to as the emotional sense. Besides from your loving touch the best way to encourage a healthy development, and mental capacities in little ones, is through exploring sensory materials.

  • At around 8 weeks in uterus your baby develops touch receptors in his face, especially sensitive on the small lips and nose.
  • Over the next few weeks, these touch receptors start to form throughout your baby’s body — his genitals, palms and the soles of his feet.
  • By week 32, your baby has gained a sense of touch that’s sensitive enough to feel a single hair brushing across the body.

The first sense to develop

Touch and the developing brain

At birth, your baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons, the same amount of stars in the milky way. During their first few years, they’ll grow trillions of nerve cell connections, called neural synapses.

However the brain starts out at just a quarter of its adult size. It will have to grow a staggering 80% by the age of three, and sensory activities, play and tactile experiences accounts for a huge part of this growth.

This period of intense growth and network building is our unique opportunity to encourage baby's brain development. And it is this early stage of education that results in how and how well we think and learn - both as children and adults.

  • Beyondbun is embodying what science has proven: Babies need an adequate amount of tactile experiences if they are to fully develop their somatosensory system​ which is the foundation for learning all other skills in life.
  • Somato-what ? It's simply a network of touch receptors, spread all over the body. It sends information back to the brain, producing an emotional response that get reinforced time and again.
  • The myriad of dense sensory bubbles covering the Beyondbun essentials are the result of two years of R&D ( Research and Development )
  • This is not a minky dot material as you know it – We have made our fabric 45% heavier and more dense.
  • The fabric is then pressed for a long time with heavy weights to create the solid but oh - so soft tactile bubbles that will boost your baby’s brain power and soothe their nervous system.

Boosting baby's brain power

Important research and studies, spanning back from the 1920's and up until now clearly shows us the far reaching benefits tactile and touch stimulation has in the healthy development of our babies. If you wanna get into the full scope of it all we have compiled a reading list below.